System of Compensation as provided in Regulation

  1. Ex gratia lumpsum compensation

 to families of Central Government

 Civilian employees who die in harness

The families of Central Government Civilian employees, who die in harness in the performance of their bona fide official duties under various circumstances, shall be paid the following ex gratia lumpsum compensation.


  1. Death occurring due to accidents in the course of performance off duties  ………   र 25 lakhs
  2. Death occurring in the course of performance of duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists, anti-social elements, etc.   ………   र 25 lakhs
  3. Death occurring during (a) enemy action in international war or border skirmishes and (b) action against militants, terrorists, extremists, ect. ……….  र 35 lakhs
  4. Death occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts, etc., on account of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions

….…… र 35 lakhs

The compensation is intended to provide an additional insurance and security to employees, who are required to function under trying circumstances and are exposed do different kinds of risks in the performance of their duties.

Conditions governing payment of lumpsum compensation._

  1. The death of the employee concerned should have occurred in the actual performance of bona fide official duties. In other words, a casual connection should be established between the occurrence of death and Government service.
  2. Even, if an employee had died in such circumstances that a medical report could not be secured, the nexus and casual connection with Government service would need be adequately established in determining  the entitlements to the ex gratia lumpsum payment. All evidence (both direct and circumstantial) shall be taken into account and the benefit of reasonable doubt given to the claimant.
  3. The ex gratia lumpsum compensation is not admissible if the death of the employees is due to accidents while travelling on duty commercial aircraft, national or private.
  4. The ex gratia lumpsum compensation is admissible if the death of the employees is due to accidents while travelling on duty by service aircraft without prejudice to the Bond required to be executed by the employees indemnifying the Government against any claims on account of death whilke travelling by service aircraft.
  5. In the case of death of an employees while travelling on duty by Railways due to train accidents, the amount of ex gratia lumpsum compensation admissible will be reduced by the compensation, if any, received by the next of kin of the employees from the Railways.

From 1-1-2006, there will be no ceiling for grant of ex gratia lumpsum compensation paid from Sundry Government sources such as the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, Chief Minister’s Relief Fund etc., to the families of deceased Government servants.

Ex gratia lumpsum compensation is in addition to other benefits._ 

Admissible in additional to such other benefits as may be admissible under CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules, or the Liberalized Pensionary Awards Scheme, CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, General/ Contributory P.F Rules, Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme.

Sanctioning Authority._ Concerned Administrative Ministries in consultation with their Financial Advisers.


Name of the Employees against whom Disciplinary action has been proposed / taken 

i) Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings : NIL

ii) Finalised for minor penalty or major penalty proceedings : NIL


Programmes to advance understanding of RTI

  • Educational programmes : Nil
  • Effort to encourage public authority to participate in this programme : Nil
  • Training of CPIO and APIO : Nil
  • Update and publish guidelines on RTI by public authority concern : Yes

RTI act 2005


Transfer policies and transfer orders

Transfer policy of Medical Officers, Group B and few categories of Group C employees is as per the Transfer policy of DGHS, New Delhi.

Transfer order of Dr. Raphael Teddy, CMO (NFSG) from CHS, Trivandrum

Transfer order of Sri A.K. Mitra, DUC from APHO, Kolkata

Transfer order of Dr. P.S. Ashraf, CMO (NFSG) from Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kavaratti

Transfer order of Dr. Ebrahim B.B, CMO (NFSG), from CHS, Trivandrum

Transfer order of Dr. K.P Hamzakoya, CMO(SAG) from NCDC, Calicut