Rules, Regulations, Instructions Manual and Records

Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records for Discharge of Function :

The Discharge of functions of this Authority and its employees is in accordance with the following Acts, Rules Regulations :

Acts :

Rules :

  1. The Indian Port Health Rules, 1955
  2. The Unberthed Passenger Ships Rules, 1954
  3. The Food Safety and Standard Rules and Regulations, 2011
  4. The Merchant shipping (Carriage of Medical Officers) Rules, 1961
  5. The Merchant Shipping (Medicines, Medical Stores and Appliances) Rules,

Regulations: 1. The International Health Regulations (2005) (Third edition)

Tittle and Nature of Record / Manual / Instructions

  1. Copy of Acts, Rules and Regulations administered by this CPIO.
  2. The International Journal of Public Health.
  3. Guidelines and Instructions issued by Higher Authorities.
  4. Register of Health Clearance of Ships.
  5. Register of Health Clearance of Ships Arriving from Yellow Fever Infected Area.
  6. Register of Ship Sanitation Control / Control Exemption Certificates.
  7. Register of Licence issued to Catering Establishments.
  8. Register of Analysis of Imported Food Samples.
  9. Register of Medicines Chest Certificates.
  10. Register of Dead Body Clearance.
  11. Ship Sanitation Control / Control Exemption Certificates issued.
  12. Licences to Catering Establishments in Port area.
  13. Dead Body Clearance Certificates.
  14. Certificates of Health Inspection.
  15. Maritime Declaration of Health
  16. Radio Pratique/Message from ships
  17. Pratique granted File
  18. General correspondence on quarantine matters