Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

1. Process of decision making identify key decision making points

Will depend on the work/task to be undertaken by the PHO depending on the application/letters received from the Directorate.

2. Final decision making authority

Final decision making  authority is Director General of Health Service, Directorate of General Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi.

3. Related provisions, acts, rules etc.


Indian Port Health Rules 1955

GFR Rules

FRSR Rules

Leave Rules

Medical Attendance Rules

Central Civil Services Pay Rules

CCS Pension Rules


Receipts and Payments Rules

Delegation of Financial Powers Rules

GPF Rules

LTC Rules

HBA Rules

FSSAI Rules & Regulation, 2011


Manual of Office procedure

Swamy’s Hand Book

International Health Regulations 2005


Indian Port Acts

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006

4. Time limit for taking  a decision, if any

Time limit will vary from one to few days if the decision is to be taken at  PHO level to 7 days to one month if the decision has to be taken by the Directorate

5. Channel of supervision and accountability

Director General of Health Service  —– Additional DDG(PH/IH) —– Dy Director (A&V) —– PHO Cochin