Grievances of the public is taken on every Wednesday after 3 pm. it is an open house and anybody having any complaints regarding the functioning of the office, behavior of the staffs or on any other matter related to Port Health Functions are underten.  Complaints should be addressed to Dr. P.S. Ashraf, Dy. Port Health Officer, Port Health Organisation, Cochin by post or in person.


Dr. K.A. Shyamini is the appellate authority and Dr. P.S. Ashraf is the Central Public Information Officer for Port Health Organisation, Cochin


A Vishakha cell is functioning in the office under Port Health Officer being the Chairperson and Mrs. P.V. Rani Jose and Neenu Johnson as members.


Vigilance Awareness Week  was being celebrated from 28th October 2019 to 2nd November 2019. Banners was displayed in the office and pledge was taken by the Doctors and staffs of Port Health Organisation, Cochin

A Preventive Vigilance Committee is functioning with Dr. K.A. Shyamini, Port Health Officer, Dr. P.S. Ashraf, Dy. Port Health Officer and Dr. Raphael Teddy, Airport Health Officer as its members.



Vigilance Awareness Week 2019