Yellow Fever Vaccine

Port Health Organisation, Willingdon Island, Cochin and Airport Health Organisation, CIAL, Nedumbassery are the only two Govt.of India authorised Yellow Fever Vaccination centres available in Kerala. These two organisations provide Yellow Fever Vaccination for passengers travelling to Yellow Fever affected countries.

Yellow fever vaccination is given on demand at a nominal service charge of Rs.300/-

Port Health Organisation Cochin

Vaccination days: Wednesdays & Fridays (Except Central Government Holidays)

Registration Time: 0930 hrs to 1030 hrs on first come first serve basis.

Address: Indira Gandhi Road, North End, Willingdon Island, Cochin-682009

Phone: 0484 2666130

Land Mark: Next to Mercantile Marine Department office and Opposite to Custom House

1.      Copy of passport…🛂

2.       Consent form (can be downloaded from this website ) filled and signed…📑

4.      INR 300/- (in cash)…💸

5.      Own pen…🖊

Any number of different types of live vaccines can be given within a time frame of 24 hours. However, in case 24 hours have already passed since the
administration of first live vaccine (e.g., MMR), a different type of live vaccine (e.g., yellow fever) should ONLY be given after 4 weeks. This is based on the scientific studies which have shown reduced immune response when two different types of live vaccines are given at a gap of more than 24 hours but less than 4 weeks. A second live vaccine which is of the same type as the first one can be given, within 24 hours, without affecting immunogenicity.

In case a person gets vaccinated from unauthorised private agency, he or she should be revaccinated from authorized YFV centre, for provision of yellow fever vaccine certificate. This revaccination can be done anytime irrespective of time elapsed since last vaccinated

A waiting period of 30 minutes post immunization to monitor adverse reaction is recommended


  • 👉🏻Children aged less than 12 months.
  • 👉🏻Breast feeding mothers
  • 👉🏻Pregnant women – (except during
    a yellow fever outbreak when the risk of infection is high) and risk of
    disease is higher than adverse effect of vaccine
  • 👉🏻People with severe allergies to
    egg protein; and
  • 👉🏻People with severe
    immunodeficiency due to symptomatic HIV/AIDS or other causes, or in the
    presence of a thymus disorder.
  • 👉🏻Persons above 60 years of age.

Travelers, particularly those arriving to India from Africa or Latin America (those from yellow fever endemic countries) must have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. If there are medical grounds for not getting vaccinated, International Health Regulations state that this must be certified by the appropriate authorities. Persons carrying exemption certificates will be quarantined on arrival for 6 days or less depending on departure from Yellow Fever endemic countries.

  • 👉🏼The exemption certificate can be issued only by the Medical Officer of the Designated Yellow fever vaccination centre. (Charges for issue of an exemption
    certificate will be the same as that for YF vaccination)
  • 👉🏼Every person who wants to get an Exemption certificate has to submit a certificate from the treating doctor/specialist about the medical condition/criteria (as mentioned above) on the basis of which the exemption certificate can be issued.

The certificate from the treating doctor/specialist about the medical condition/criteria will form the basis of issuing the Exemption certificate. The certificate must also bear the official stamp of the administering centre; however, this shall not be an accepted substitute for the signature.

  • 👉🏼The Medical officer/authorized health person shall inform such persons about any risk associated with non-vaccination and non-use of prophylaxis in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 23.
  • 👉🏼It is informed clearly to the concerned person that such an exemption certificate will not give him immunity from the quarantine and also that the concerned personcan be put under quarantine as per the rules of the visiting country (including India)

A Yellow Fever Vaccination Exemption Certificate will only be considered valid if issued by a Government Identified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, bearing the Signature of the Medical Officer and the stamp of the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

The validity of the certificate starts after the 10th day of the vaccination to the life of the person vaccinated.

The passengers who have taken the Yellow Fever Vaccination are also requested to inform the Port Health Organisation Cochin about serious/ life threatening side effects, if any, they had within 1 month of the vaccination in writing to Port Health Officer at the following E-mail ID – or by phone 0484 2666060.   The side effects include continuous fever/ pain or lump at the site of injection, allergy, breathlessness, asthma, itching at the site of injection or severe anaphylactic reaction following the vaccination.

Duplicate Yellow Fever Vaccination card is issued to persons who have lost their Yellow Fever card on production of

👉🏼FIR in original


👉🏼Photocopy of the Original Yellow Fever Card issued (if in possession)

👉🏼Request letter addressed to Port Health Officer.